Cascade Queen Designs and Luv Sola Flowers Halloween Bouquet Contest

How to Enter

Click Here to order your specially made Halloween bouquet contest kit.

This kit includes a flower and filler assortment that was chosen and designed specifically for this contest with Halloween in mind! There will be 50 flowers in different styles and sizes (from 1.5 inches up to 3 inches), along with 2 different fillers. 
Every kit is EXACTLY the same. 

After your kit is purchased, CLICK HERE to join our private Facebook group for all the details along the way! 


If any of these rules are violated, you will be disqualified.

1. The only sola wood flowers you may use are the ones in the Halloween bouquet contest kit. You do not have to use all of them. You cannot add any other flowers in any other materials
2. You must use AT LEAST one of the fillers that is supplied to you in your box. You may use as little or as much as you like. Other greeneries and fillers are your choice
3. You CANNOT post any pictures publicly or share any photos or ideas between friends and family until after a winner is announced. 
4. All submissions are due by October 22nd at 11:59p.m. No entries will be accepted after this date and time
5. You will send 1 of your favorite pictures, plus 1 collage with 3 photos of alternate views of your entry to Remember that quality pictures are important. The pictures must just be of your bouquet - no models, stylized shoots, etc. Although you may use professional photographs, only photos of the actual bouquet will be accepted
6. All entries will go through a series of judging.1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners will be announced on Halloween Eve


1. GRAND PRIZE for first place winner - a spot in Emmaline Bride. This website is an awesome way to get your name recognized and of course bragging rights!
2. First place winner will ship their bouquet (at Cascade Queen Design's expense) for a professional stylized photoshoot. They will receive their high quality photos back with rights to use as they please
3. First place winner will receive a $100 Gift Card from Luv Sola Flowers. Second place winner will receive a $50 Gift Card. Third place winner will receive a $25 Gift Card