Contract/ Terms and Conditions

Cascade Queen Designs appreciates the opportunity to our floral services to your special day. Our goal is to provide you with high quality wood flowers and designs, as well as make every effort to ensure that you are provided with exceptional services, and ultimately presented with an unforgettable experience. 


Payments may be made in cash, Venmo, Zelle or through our business invoicing online (which includes most major credit cards, as well as PayPal). 

COLORS/ITEMS/REQUESTS/TIMELINESS: I understand that Cascade Queen Designs will complete the project based off of the inspiration photos, all information provided, requests and notes given and within the parameters, limits and capabilities of sola wood flowers, faux/dried/preserved greenery and fillers. Natural/raw ivory wood flowers are not counted as a color choice and are complementary. For full bridal party orders and/or large decor orders, color choices up to 4 colors, but alternate custom colors are not provided or smaller pieces or accessories, in which only a few flowers will be dyed: alternate colors in stock can be used or the customer can purchase additional colors for $5 each. This also applies for stem wraps: all CUSTOM stem wraps (colors or fabrics) will come with a fee, if the client chooses not to use the stock of options available. I understand that I am responsible for choosing the colors that will be used in my order and to clearly request how these colors will be distributed. It is my responsibility to choose my colors via the color swatch instructions provided and if I choose my colors in an alternative way I am solely responsible and the color change policy below will be applied for any changes (for example: colors via telephone or computer the colors shown on screens can greatly differ). Once the flowers are dyed, they cannot be changed. In the event that I request a change of color, I understand there will be a fee not only for the new flowers, but also a restocking fee for those used. If consent for artistic freedom is provided and approved, once your order has begun it cannot be revoked. 

TIMELINESS:  Prior to your order being started, we will ask you to confirm all items on the contract, inspiration photos, and request specific custom information (such as colors, color distribution, handle wraps, etc). Responses to all inquiries are due within a timely manner in order to ensure your order is completed within the booked contract date. Response requirements can vary depending on the order, however,  a general guideline is approximately 1 week for numerous questions and decisions and within 24 hours for simpler and/or short questions. Reminders will be sent out for a total amount of 5 calendar days. After this time, we cannot ensure that your order will be completed by the contract due date and you will be notified of the new contract due date if a change is required. We will make every effort possible to ensure your wants are met within all capabilities. 

CHANGES & MODIFICATIONS: In the event that a client would like to make changes or modifications to their pieces after completion, Cascade Queen Designs will do their best to satisfy, but with the following limitations: 1. They must be minor modifications that do not include the restarting of the project. 2. They do not exceed 3 modifications.The client understands that any modifications that include restarting or exceed 3 changes, must be done so with a fee.

DEPOSIT/FINAL PAYMENT: I understand that a 50% non-refundable deposit is required to secure your selected event date/order due date (unless an alternate percentage has been negotiated), and represents my agreement to the terms of the contract. I understand that if I fail to make payment in full as scheduled, I acknowledge that this agreement is no longer valid and I may be subject to cancellation fees. The final payment invoice will be sent once your order is complete and payment is due within 48 hours after the invoice is sent unless otherwise agreed upon. After the 48 hours, a storage fee per day will begin at $25/day for items being shipped. All orders that are being picked up must be picked up within five days of completion. After 5 days, if the order is not picked up, a $25/day storage fee will begin. After final payment is received, your order will be shipped, local pickup will be available or will be delivered as agreed ahead of time. After 10 calendar days from the final invoice sent, if your final balance has not been paid or your order has not been picked up, your order will be considered abandoned and canceled, without return of non-refundable deposit. 

ADDITIONAL PURCHASES:  Additional purchases (considered either add-ons or may require an additional or new contract)  will be invoiced at the time of order. If additional items are ordered after my final payment, I understand that I am responsible for payment in full prior to delivery. Cascade Queen Designs understands that unexpected changes and updates will occur up until my event date/order due date, and will make every conceivable effort to accommodate my circumstance(s). Unfortunately, with last minute changes, Cascade Queen Designs cannot guarantee that my same flowers or greenery will be available on orders made after the original request, but will work diligently on my behalf to match my color and style as closely as possible. 

**The following applies if you choose not to ship**

PICK UP/DELIVERY AND/OR SET UP:  If you choose not to have your items shipped, you may opt to pick up your items in Brick, New Jersey at the time of your order completion.  We also offer delivery and/or set up to a chosen location or venue at a fee that must be booked ahead of time to ensure availability and cost for the date.

RENTALS: It is the responsibility of the customer to return all rentals back to Cascade Queen Designs within 48 hours of the event date, unless pickup has been agreed upon and a pickup fee has been paid in advance. The customer is responsible for any major damage or missing items and will be charged the original cost of the rental again on every arrangement that is damaged beyond minimal repair or missing. A $25 late fee will be charged per day, if not returned within 48 hours. 

30 Days prior to you event you will be asked to fill out a credit card pre authorization form. You will be charged $1 at that time to ensure the credit card on file is valid. If all items are returned with no issue the credit card will not be charged.

As the customer of any rented structures such as arches, chuppahs, etc.., I understand that I assume all the risk inherit of the rental of equipment and agree to assume the entire responsibility for the defense of any pay of and pay any indemnity to all claims of property or bodily injury resulting from use of equipment rented. I agree that no insurance carried by Cascade Queen Designs cover the actions or inactions resulting in damage to or by equipment in any rental agreement. As the customer I agree that all equipment remains the responsibility of the customer until otherwise picked up and removed. I understand that any legal fees resulting in the attempt to recover by Cascade Queen Designs for missing equipment remains the responsibility of the customer.

VENUES: It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that Cascade Queen Designs LLC staff are allowed to enter the premises and be provided with the time frame, date, any specific rules, and information on any equipment that will or will not be provided (Example: Ladder for arch/pergola piece placements). Cascade Queen Designs staff can coordinate with the venue if requested in cases where additional information is required, however, customer consent and information is required prior to the venue being contacted. If set up and delivery is booked and the venue does not allow for third party set up (Cascade Queen Designs), a portion of the fee may be discounted, depending on the location, travel time, and delivery requirements. We do have insurance which we can provide your venue location.

**The following applies if you choose shipping and handling**

SHIPPING & HANDLING: If you choose shipping and handling, it will be charged within the final payment invoice. I understand that in shipping there could be minor fixable impact on the fragile flowers due to the need to wrap tightly.  This includes needing to reshape and fluff by hand if necessary. If any flower is damaged beyond repair by simple fluffing and reshaping, I will contact Cascade Queen Designs within 48 hours of receipt. If I do not contact them within this time period, I understand I forgo the option of replacement.

INSURANCE: It is the responsibility of the customer to request and pay for any shipping insurance that is requested to be added to your order. The customer must inform staff of the request at least 24 hours prior to the final payment invoice being sent. The customer will then receive a note from staff if your request is available, accepted and will place additional fees in the invoice. 

RUSH/EXPEDITED SHIPPING: Rush and/or expedited shipping and handling can be provided in certain cases; however, it is the customer’s responsibility to request any rush/expedited order shipping and handling promptly in order for the rush/expedited shipping and handling to be explored for availability. The customer will then receive a note from staff if your request is available, accepted and will place additional fees in the invoice. 

LIABILITY: It is the responsibility of the customer to provide accurate shipping information. Cascade Queen Designs shall not be held liable if an incorrect address is provided or the customer fails to inform of any address changes and the order encounters a problem such as but not limited to, return to sender, cannot be delivered or delivered to the incorrect address. If the order is returned to Cascade Queen Designs, the customer is responsible for all additional shipping and handling. Once an order has been shipped, Cascade Queen Designs shall not be held liable for any loss, delays or damages suffered. There are no refunds, exchanges and/or returns once the item(s) have been shipped. If any shipped items are subject to any of these challenges (lost, delayed, damaged, etc.) it is the responsibility of the customer to contact the shipping company directly. Please notify Cascade Queen Designs immediately if you encounter any of these issues. 

CANCELLATIONS: In the event I elect to cancel my event with Cascade Queen Designs, I agree that I will submit my request for cancellation in writing. Additionally, I acknowledge that I am requesting custom order floral design work from Cascade Queen Designs, and understand that, in the event I choose to cancel my event, I may be subject to cancellation fees for any supplies bought above and beyond the deposit amount. I understand that there are no refunds for cancellations of individual items after final payment is made.  In the event of cancellation, I understand that my non-refundable deposit will be forfeited.