"Dana is such a wonderful person to work with and will work hard to create your dream piece. I've ordered a centerpiece from her before and it was very reasonable and beautiful and she's doing my wedding bouquets and I can't wait to get them." - Emily W.


"Graceful and gorgeous, made with love ❤" - Debi H.


"My niece had the most Beautiful bouquet for her wedding since my daughter is getting married in a few months I ask her for her hook up. We started out by contacting Dana and asking her to make my daughters shell. Then we decided to have her make boutonnieres and sweetheart piece as the wedding is approaching fast and my brother is in the hospital not doing to good we decided it would be easier on us for Dana to make the rest for us. without hesitation she said Absolutely. I could not have found anyone else so easy to work with and would 100% recommend her hands down. Her pieces are breath taking. Cannot wait to receive the flowers and my daughters wedding. My daughter and her wedding will be beautiful. Thanks Dana you rock." - Dawn N.


"I began chatting with Dana a while before my wedding. I had just placed my first Sola order and I was already overwhelmed. I saw a cascade that she had done and I was in awe! I still wanted to make an attempt on my own but I knew I didn’t have the greenery experience. I am proud to say that I was one of the first shells that she created. We discussed all the different types of filler, the look I wanted to go for, and sizing. Throughout creating my shell, she sent me pictures to confirm the shape and look, then a final picture before it was shipped. When I received it, she walked me through arranging my flowers and how to get the perfect cascade look. She was even nice enough to talk me through the construction of my other Sola wedding items. She is always readily available to help and is the sweetest ever!" - Casey


"Beautiful products and a beautiful person making them. I highly recommend Dana and her creations!" - Meredith C.


"Dana does beautiful work. I can’t wait to order my wedding bouquet, but first I need to decide which of her designs I love more!" - April B.


"No question she’s the best at what she does!" - Therese M.


"Dana is so sweet and eager to help everyone in any way she can! She has beautiful designs and creates each piece to fit the person it’s going to! 5 stars!" - Katie L.


"I ordered a flower arrangement for my sister's birthday after seeing a post with her arrangements that someone shared. I had no idea what I wanted, other than fall colors. I gave Dana my budget and let her do her thing. She was amazing and sent me pictures with options. It was made and shipped within days. I was surprised at how affordable the arrangement and shipping were. My sister loved it and I couldn't be happier with her level of customer service!" - Becky S.


"A workaholic that creates beautiful art with wooden flowers, and the best part is you just KNOW each piece has a piece of her heart  built into it!" - Betty K.


"Dana’s floral arrangements and cascades are just stunning!! I recommend her to anyone I know getting married, my own mother included. ❤️" - Jacqueline H.


"Beautiful work. I love the live tutorials for crafting your own arrangements and bouquets. Looking forward to the next one." - Kathleen G.


"Great assistance and beautiful bouquets" - Jenny H.


"I can't wait to work with The Master herself on my wedding bouquet. She is the Queen of all bridal bouquets. Love everything about her work❤❤" - Tonya M


"Dana really puts her heart and soul into every design. stunning work! pure artistry" - Gina F.


"Dana is amazing at what she does. I have had a great experience with her tutorials and her response time is great! Any questions I have she answers in a timely manner. She has great knowledge on the sola wood flowers. She has made me feel more comfortable with my decision to make my very own sola wood bouquets!" - Sandra R.


"She is so kind and helpful!" - Martha F.


"Dana is incredibly knowledgeable and helpful with sharing amazing DIY floral arrangements! She is so creative and I wish I had found her cascade shell before I got married! They are gorgeous" - Jessica S.


"The tips and tutorials that Dana gives are AMAZING. She has helped me grow my business because she is so willing to help others and teach us her magic!" - Nicole P.


"Dana is an amazing sola wood florist and if you want quality you have to go with cascade queen, it's perfect for the DIY bride too!" - Xiomara L.


"Dana is one of the kindest people I've had the pleasure to interact with. Her talent and willingness to help any way she can is unmatched! 10 stars!" - Lori C.


"Dana is absolutely amazing!" - Oksana C.


"Dana is amazing! I started out just ordering a cascade shell from her which turned into all my bridal party flowers and a beautiful swag for my head table. Dana took all my jumble of ideas and my indecisiveness and turned it into exactly what I had envisioned. I don’t know how she did it but she did and she was still sweet and pleasant through the whole thing as she is always is. I can’t wait till September to see it all come together!" - Gillian B.


"Dana is a vary talented designer. You will be proud to carry one of her bouquets." - Linda W.


"I enjoy the demos Dana has done. she takes her time, answers ?'s. I learned a lot. and very inexpensive to jump in. I like that the video's stay up, so I can go back when I get stuck. Thanks Dana" - Tina E.


"Dana is so nice and extremely helpful. Her cascade shells are perfect for the DIY bride." - Jessica C.